Terms & Conditions

Appendix 1 to Terms and conditions in relation to breeding

Gillhambrook Labrador puppies are not sold for breeding and carry the following Kennel Club Endorsements:

  1. Progeny not eligible for registration

This means that if you breed from your dog without the owners’ consent, the puppies will not be registered with the Kennel Club. This is not to restrict good breeding, but is a safeguard against an ill advised mating which may be to the detriment of the breed. In the event of the purchaser wishing to breed, firstly the breeder must be contacted and the following conditions must be met before the breeder will lift the endorsement

  1. Bitches will be a minimum of 2 years old, and dogs a minimum of 1 year old before a mating takes place.
  2. The dog purchased (and proposed mate) must have been x rayed for hip and elbow dysplasia under the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association and receive a score not more than the breed average, and preferably better and shall be sound both mentally and physically
  3. The purchase of the dog shall still be in original ownership.
  1. Export Pedigree not allowed


Terms and conditions of sale

The puppy for sale has been checked by a vet and is believed to be in good health but you are advised to have your own registered vet carry out a general examination. 

If the Veterinary Surgeon finds a problem which in his/hers professional opinion renders the puppy unfit for sale, the puppy should be returned to the Breeder in accordance with the contract of sale.

Return of the puppy is at the expense of the Purchaser, the purchase price will be returned on the condition in accordance with the contract of sale. Furthermore the puppy is in the same health as it was when sold. At that point the contract will be agreed as cancelled.

You must accept that if a disease/problem develops after a satisfactory preliminary examination by your Veterinary Surgeon, the Breeder cannot be held responsible.

First Vaccinations are carried out by the Breeder’s Veterinary surgeon when the puppy is 8weeks old. This is the initial vaccination from a course of two. The puppy is not fully protected from Canine Parvo virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis until 1 week after the second vaccination given at the age of 12 weeks by the owner’s Veterinary Surgeon. Should any of these diseases develop between the two vaccination courses. Once the puppy has left the Breeder’s estabilshment the Breeder will not be held responsible.

I do not sell puppies before the age of 7 weeks. This is not negotiable. 

I will do my best to help with advice for prospective buyers with any problems that they may have with their new puppy.

Every puppy is given a puppy pack including a contract of sale, a complete biscuit diet, a diet sheet, KC Registration where appropriate and mother’s scented blanket, 4weeks insurance is offered with all puppies being sold.

Your puppy has been wormed and flea treatment applied. This will need repeating under your own Veterinary Surgeon’s advice.


I strongly recommend continuing with insurance of your puppy after the 5 weeks complimentary insurance I provide expires.

I must be first point of contact if for any reason you are considering rehoming your puppy.

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