Choosing your puppy

Our aim is to ensure the choosing and purchasing process of your new puppy is straightforward and fair. A huge amount of expertise commitment and pride goes into our bitches and their puppies. Therefore we devised this staged process to ensure that our puppies are all sold to suitable forever homes. From time to time a proportion of our puppies are reserved before they are born and deposits taken on that basis. This is because we have people who either know us and our bitches, or the stud dogs we use and express in interest in a puppy before the bitch is even mated. As a result we have a waiting list from time to time.

All positive pregnancy scan results will be uploaded on to our website

  • Once the litter is born we upload pictures and basic information on colours and sexes available.
  • The price of the puppies will be available.
  • Should you want to express an interest at this stage you will have the option to contact us and discuss your requirements in the first instance at this stage we like to speak on the phone 
  • From 2 weeks of age the puppies can be viewed in their home environment with their mum via video link. 
  • At the time of choosing your puppy you will be required provide your contact details and to transfer a non refundable deposit of 25% to secure your puppy, for which a receipt will be given.
  • Each week you will receive updates on your puppy informing you of his or her progress and video footage or pictures will accompany the information.

Collecting your puppy

  • Your puppy will be ready to collect at 8 weeks of age.
  • We do not let our puppies go before 8 weeks of age
  • One week before your puppy is ready to leave us we will contact you to arrange the balance of payment for which a receipt will be given or if you prefer you can pay cash.
  • Payments must be received before you collect your puppy.
  • At this point you will be allocated a day and time to collect. 
  • This will be arranged in order of when the deposits were placed
  • At the time of collection we will explain and go through the paper work, puppy pack and you will then be asked to sign the sales contract, of which you will be given a copy and we keep a copy. 

Interested in Gillhambrook Labradors?

Why not contact us using our contact form, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.