Our Dogs

Our dogs are a major part of our lives. They are all so rewarding to own and look after.  I devote all of my time to them and their wellbeing. Whether they are enjoying their off lead exercise, participating in agility (which they love), swimming or accompanying me while we ride my horses around a nearby forest they are always by my side as loyal companions. 

Boubouzellar of Gillhambrook (Bee Bee)

Bee is a working (field Labrador) she has a working pedigree line. Her conformation, temperament and characteristics are typical of a working Labrador. I brought Bee as a puppy from a lady I knew from the village where I lived. The litter produced were from both of her Labradors, and like me she had grown up with the breed from a farming and countryside background. Both Bee’s parents were of superb character, and the litter were born in the home, with children and other animals. 


As you can see Bee is a very fine example of the working Labrador, fit healthy and purposeful. She enjoys agility and continues this throughout her pregnancies. Her maternal instincts are fantastic. She is a natural mum, with a nurturing attitude.  Bee is our current breeding bitch and is KC Registered.

Lovely Lady Grace (Maggie)

Lovely Lady Grace is a beautiful Fox Red Labrador with a very impressive pedigree. She is bred from a long line of field trial champions (FTCH) including Copperbirch, Drakeshead and Craighorn to name just a few. Her parents health
tests were excellent.

She is starting to mature very nicely and will make a superb mum. Her gentle nature shone through after our last litter was born from our bitch Boubouzella. She helped care for the puppies and spend time playing with them. She is now approaching 8 months old and is currently having
her first season.

She is a very intelligent gentle soul who loves her swimming and retrieving. She is amazing off the lead with recall second to none. Her loyal nature is evident even at this juvenile stage. She never leaves my side. I can honestly say that I have 100% confidence in her to always recall no matter what distractions may be occurring at the time.

The plan is that when she reaches 18months of age she will undergo the BVA health scheme and have her hips/elbows and eyes tested and scored. She will then be ready to have her first litter around the age of 3.

We have potentially sourced an equally well bred black Labrador male for her, so the litter will be mixed in colour.


Gillhambrook Pink Pearl (Tulip)

I decided to keep Tulip from the last litter. She is a super puppy who is very much like her mother. She is bold and completely fun loving. She is a robustly build example of the breed. Having been born here at home it is so wonderful to see her develop and watch her learn from her
mother and auntie.

We are currently training in basic obedience and have now mastered recall. Tulip loves to explore and enjoys being outside in the garden. She is well travelled in the car (like all our other dogs) and often comes with me to the feed merchants to say hello to the staff. 

Tulips parents both have brilliant temperaments, and this is a feature that is the most important characteristic, especially when puppies are going to families and individuals as pets.

Tulip will pass on this fantastic temperament to any offspring se has in the future.

She will, like all of our bitches have her health tests done at the age of 18 months. When she reaches 3 years old we will consider her for breeding.


BlazingIron (Jyn)

Balzingiron Jyn is the most recent addition to our family and she is amazing puppy. 

She has an outstanding pedigree with Drakeshead, Copperbirch and Stormwatch breeding to name just a few with many Field trial champions spanning the five generation pedigree.

Her parent’s health tests and estimated
breeding values are outstanding.

She was bred in the West Country by an successful field trial competitor and trainer. We really liked the fact that she was a homebred puppy. Although his dogs are worked they are also family members and Jyn and her litter mates were born in the home and well socialised in the home which isa very important consideration for me.


I am currently training Jyn in the basics of obedience and recall which she is excelling in. She is a very intelligent active puppy and even in the puppy stage is focussed and clever.

The future plan for Jyn is to continue with the obedience work and then begin field trial work. She will have her health tests at 18 months of age and all being well will be bred at the age of 3 years. The sire will be carefully selected through her breeder who we are keeping in touch with ongoing.

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